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WeeklyRite 1 -- Animals

By: eseyler

When I began the video, I just wanted to dance on a soft surface! As I moved, the mat became a floating zoo or arc that I navigated as if I were exploring or trapped. Alligator, lizard, monkey, insect. I ran out of ideas and almost stopped at 7 mi...


Weekly Rites 2

By: jpowers2

Music is inspiration. It is a way of expression, and movement with a dash of sound is magic. This is me in my natural habitat and my random radio playlists :)


Weekly Rite 2

By: semacdon

Making Space With windows that look out And force perspective in Something speaks of doubt In the places it grows thin It lingers long enough For something new to sprout, But never long enough To explain where it has been


Ask the World to Dance

By: mtkaye

Well there's nothing to lose and there's nothing to prove, I'll be dancing with myself!


forever 5

By: omalone

don't stop imagining the day you do is the day that you die remember what its like to loose gravity


Tom's Weeklyrites 2

By: hchen6

Cooking, cooking and cooking!


I wonder

By: mtkaye

The floor was calling me this time! Many questions without answers, and it's alright.


Weekly Rites 3

By: jpowers2

What happens when Jen gets left home alone....people watcher? Stay tuned


Tom's Weeklyrites 3

By: hchen6

Cold outside, hot inside