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William at Mad River Glen

By: waw

boy skis trees and cliffs


Freestyle skiing at Sugarbush

By: waw

Youngster does tricks and jumps


Starksboro backcountry sluff

By: waw

Kids in trees set off small slides across street from our house


Random ski clip (wait for it...)

By: waw

Keep watching, don't blink


EE 134 Lab 5: 7-Segment Display

By: csword

This lab's task was to display numbers on a 7-segment display.


EE 134 Lab 6: Stock Ticker

By: csword

A lab that simulates a stock ticker by displaying, in a loop, various bits of text, one at a time.


Collaborative IT Meeting

By: tsbartle

Video of the Collaborative IT Meeting covering Exchange.


AppleMail - Offline accounts

By: tsbartle

collapsing the INBOX seems to always result in one account remaining offline. When expanded, taking all accounts offline and online works.


Winter Park and Ride

By: waw

Mixing park and trees at Winter Park CO