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(lost and) found

By: omalone

how did i get here? it was a blur like a rainy day walk home when you look down focus on each step forward focusing your vision under your umbrella not fully remembering what or who you passed by on the way but your sneakers are wet...



By: omalone

connect serene mud shrubbery chorus we find ourselves but have no idea where we are feel the frogs


and it grows

By: omalone

unlike other weekly rites where I explore different speeds, sounds, movements, filters, lighting, etc., I wanted this to stay natural. circles comfort calming cooperative complete


always in return

By: omalone

this is where this is where i feel alive this is where the cliffs meet the sea and thunder shakes the sands this is where we looked ahead forward to endless futures this is where we sent smoke to the wind where our bodies rode the br...


i'll stay there forever

By: omalone

if there ever comes a day when we cant be together keep me in your heart i'll stay there forever -winnie the pooh


feelin funky

By: omalone

welcoming the weekend can ya feel it


17 suns

By: omalone

simply enjoying being


chimi that changa

By: omalone

home is wherever i'm with you


forever 5

By: omalone

don't stop imagining the day you do is the day that you die remember what its like to loose gravity