Weekly Rites #10 Natalie Tikhomirova

By: ntikhomi

I would title this one "peter pan." It was so cold outside and I had to walk home to my apartment. Originally the video was going to be based on my walking and movement towards home and then I became interested in recording my shadow moving with m...


Weekly Rites #9 Natalie Tikhomirova

By: ntikhomi

I haven't been practicing much yoga for the past semester. I kind of feel ashamed about it honestly. Today, I just felt the weight of so many external things that had hurt me or affected me that I felt I needed to take a break and do it. It's sped...


Weekly Rides 10

By: mtian

I was taking video for my other dance project. It is so hard to play with shadow and find a suitable angle to make a beautiful picture.


Weekly Rites #8 Natalie Tikhomirova

By: ntikhomi

The title of this work is, "A watched pot never boils." Sort of silly. I was playing around with different moves. Rather than just dance I tried more more movements that were isolated to one part of the body yet still fluid. I definitely notice th...


Weekly rite 10

By: tingibin

Final presentation


Weekly rite 9

By: tingibin

This is me doing something different from everyone.


Weekly rite 8

By: tingibin

I tried to do something different from the girl in our class


Weekly Rites #10 Di Lu

By: dlu3

I am dancing with my cat!! She is so lazy, I need to make her move.


Weekly Rites #10 Anna Malvin

By: amalvin

Beginnings and Endings Playing, dancing, thinking about the year behind about the year ahead about the moments in between moments forever beginning and ending