Acting with an Accent: Arabic [part 4 of 6]

By: danaref

Six-part audio course in learning to speak with an Arabic accent. Part of the LearnAccent.com series. Licensed by the Dana Medical Library from Dialect Access Specialists for use by UVM affiliates only. The audio files may not be downloaded or ...


CIS 096 Other Statutes

By: 01jpresc

Other statutes relevant to cyber crime


CIS 096 Oregon Cybercrime Law

By: 01jpresc

Oregon cybercrime law, state prosecution of computer fraud


CIS 096 EEA and Wang Dong

By: 01jpresc

Economic Espionage Act, U.S. v. Wang Dong


CIS 096 Wire and Bank Fraud, Bogachev

By: 01jpresc

Wire and Bank Fraud, Bogachev


CIS 096 CISA 2015

By: 01jpresc

CSA and CISA of 2015


CIS 096 International Treaties and Regulations

By: 01jpresc

Convention on Cybercrime, EU Directives and Regulations


CIS 096 SEC Cybersecurity Guidance

By: 01jpresc

SEC guidance on the disclosure of cyber incidents to the investing public and measures to be taken to safeguard investor data


CIS 096 HIPAA, Caselaw and State Law

By: 01jpresc

Lecture addresses HIPAA, the Privacy Rule, civil and criminal caselaw, and a Florida Statute