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Networking on LinkedIn for Graduate Students

By: career

This video explains how to use LinkedIn as a networking tool.


Technical Interviews - Overview

By: career

This short video from FAST Enterprises explains what to expect in a technical interview.


Lab 12 video

By: mcmcinti

Three types of participles, deponent verbs, and a note about the ablative absolute


Copyright 101

By: choman

A screencast of a brown bag talk on copyright for the UVM CDCI.


Introducing the Undergraduate Writing Center!

By: writectr

A captioned video describing UVM's Undergraduate Writing Center. Learn about how working with a peer writing tutor can benefit all writers, at all stages, in all disciplines!


Internal Parasites in Sheep & Goats: IPM/FAMACHA© Workshop

By: uvmext

Internal Parasites in Sheep & Goats: IPM/FAMACHA© Workshop


Agritourism Virtual Networking Session

By: csherloc

Farmers and ranchers, researchers, tourism professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, educators, agricultural service providers, and others interested in agritourism are invited to share their knowledge and experience. This session will have faci...


IPM Webinar Part 2 05-16-22

By: uvmext

IPM Webinar Part 2 05-16-22


Writing an Abstract in the Health Sciences: Signal Moves (Pt 2)

By: gradwc

This video is captioned. In Part Two of our three-part series,"Signal Moves," we discuss this tool for creating a research story. This video goes over what signal moves are, what kinds of writing they can be useful for, and additional resources.