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A Culinary Lens on Agritourism

By: rcbartle

Food is an ultimate connector and a big part of why we travel. We share stories, form relationships and build communities around the table, and through our culinary traditions. In this gathering, we will hear stories from around the world of the r...


Chris Stone - Graduation

By: cburges1

"Graduation" is a collection of recordings of some of my favorite songs that I learned during my time here at UVM. It was also my senior project as a Music Technology & Business major. All songs were recorded during the Spring 2021 semester in the...


Moving Johnson House at the University of Vermont

By: tvisser

In July 2005, the University of Vermont had its historic Johnson House moved across Main Street to make way for the construction of Dudley H. Davis Student Center in 2007. Originally built in 1806 at the corner of Main Street and University Place,...


LAT 001 Lab 8

By: mcmcinti

The fourth and fifth declensions, and pronouns: is, ea, id; ille, illa, illud; ipse, ipsa, ipsum; hic, haec, hoc. Demonstrative adjectives versus demonstrative pronouns


Undergrad Writing Center - Make an Appointment

By: writectr

This video shows how to make an appointment at the UVM Undergraduate Writing Center through WCOnline after you have registered for an account. It walks through logging in, choosing a tutor and time that works for you, and filling in the necessary ...


Drill Press Safety

By: pdecause

Drill press setup and operation


Basic PubMed

By: danaref

This video will show you how to run a basic search in PubMed and how to work with the results.


PubMed: Searching with MeSH

By: danaref

This video will show you how to conduct more specialized searches using medical subject headings (MeSH)


vSG-FECC 2021 Advancing Teams

By: ndesmara

Schlesinger Global Family Enterprise Case Competition announcement on teams that will be advancing to the final round