CS 5110 Final Project Video: Chris O'Neil, Max Perrotto, Alex Townsend

By: mperrott

Presentation of our final project for CS 5110: Data Privacy with Prof. Joe Near


World of Working Animals Revised final project - Ella Kuehn

By: ekuehn

Final project for the World of Working Animals.


Presentación digital-Oliver-Span4100

By: wroliver

Presentación digital por la clase de Span4100 en el otoño de 2023


Avalanche Dogs - ASCI 1100 Final Project - Alexander Carrozza - V2

By: acarrozz

A PPT slide deck with narration about the nature and importance of avalanche search and rescue dogs.


Final Dog Project Presentation - Coviello

By: rcoviell

Addressing and Minimizing Aggression - guide for new dog owners, things to watch out for and consider.


CS 2240 Week 14 Introduction

By: cbcafier

CS 2240 Week 14 Introduction


Week 13 Introduction

By: cbcafier

CS 2240 Week 13 Introduction