Working Yaks - Kapica

By: ckapica

The World of Working Yaks in Tibet


Working Brown and Black Bears in US Circuses

By: mdeutsc1

World of Working Animals Final Presentation


10 Tips for Basic Document Accessibility

By: choman

Guest lecture for undergraduate honors course, Spring 2023. Find the slides here: https://cdci.w3.uvm.edu/blog/cdciresources/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2023/04/10-Points-for-Basic-Document-Accessibility.pptx A .pdf of the content here: https...


Canine Detection of Bovine Respiratory Disease

By: lnemetz

ASCI098 - World of Working Animals


MCU: State Machine/ Control LED with push button

By: 86mgalla

Use state machines to achieve real time control behavior of your led.


Session 1: 2023 PQC-VT Annual ICON Conference: Welcome and Updates

By: azinno

Presenter: Michelle Shepard, MD, PhD, Lead VCHIP Faculty


Session 2: 2023 PQC-VT Annual ICON Conference: Screening, Assessing, and Treating Pregnant Women with Substance Use Disorder

By: azinno

Presenter: Mishka Terplan, MD MPH FACOG DFASAM, Medical Director, Friends Research Institute; Adjunct Faculty, University of California, San Francisco


Session 3: 2023 PQC-VT Annual ICON Conference: Vermont Home-Based Systems of Support for Women with Substance Use Disorder

By: azinno

Presenters: Amy Wenger, RN IBCLC, Franklin County Home Health Agency; Heidi Gillespie, BSN RN CLC, VNA and Hospice of the Southwest Region Moderated by: Katy Leffel, RN BSN IBCLC, Nurse Program Coordinator, Division of Maternal and Child Health


Nutrition Advice for Managing Food Allergies in College

By: hmtrembl

In this podcast we discuss food allergies and other dietary restrictions in college. Including how students can work to ensure they are getting enough of required nutrients, special considerations when eating in dining halls and school settings, a...