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Posted by rpage on 05/26/2021

Thanks for this work to enhance SNAP support. It just makes sense that this would improve health. Congratulations to the authors!

Posted by agalenka on 05/26/2021 Reply to rpage

Thank you for the congratulations! It was a great experience to engage with the community and we hope our data will help advance SNAP benefits and improve access to healthy foods.

Posted by anattres on 05/26/2021

I loved your project, and the graphics-- wow-- so very nice! I loved that you thought about integration of farmers into VT SNAP and how that could benefit a symbiotic integration of healthy eating, sustainability, and local economy impact. I was wondering if you looked into CSA's and whether or not they can qualify for SNAP as well (unless that is what you meant by farmers)? If not, I think that could also be a great future direction for your project! All in all, very solid work.

Posted by agalenka on 05/26/2021 Reply to anattres

Thank you! Yes, we were very interested in seeing how both sides of SNAP incentive programs could benefit. We love our Vermont farmers so we hope that changes to SNAP funding will benefit them as well.

The farmers that we polled for this study are those who we know participate in famer's markets and thus we did not focus on the use of SNAP benefits with CSA's. However, I would not be surprised if many of the farmers that filled out our survey also have CSA's. I agree that that would be a wonderful option to explore as CSA's are a rich source of healthy food options!

Posted by severse on 05/26/2021

A great study! Fingers crossed that a way can be found to provide all farmers a wireless EBT for free!