PHP Group 7: Neighborhood and Safety

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Posted by klounsbu on 12/10/2020

I was curious about what methods would be recommended to increase the perception of safety as well as to increase the safety measures.

Posted by nfeinber on 12/10/2020 Reply to klounsbu

Hi Dr. Lounsbury, that's a good point. In our discussions, we talked about the limitations of the language used in the survey - asking respondents to speak on behalf of "my community feels..." rather than individual responses. It's challenging to get a sense of perception of safety when respondents were answering on behalf of communities rather than on behalf of themselves, and might have minimized the significance of responses from marginalized and underrepresented populations. I think a follow-up survey to differentiate "my community feels" vs "I feel" responses would be a good step to understand perception of safety vs safety measures. I would also be interested in adding questions about law enforcement presence, especially with everything going on in the country - Vermont is not immune. I don't think that this is the right survey to make deductions surrounding perception of safety but I would be interested in designing a survey that explores it.
Also, just so you know - we've been instructed to monitor the PHP presentations on the site rather than this site. I have added the URL for your convenience!