PHP Group 6: Addressing the Needs of Sara Holbrook Community Center Caregivers​

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Posted by rpage on 05/26/2021

I had not been aware of the important work of the Sara Holbrook Community Center. Thanks for addressing the important issue of caregiver stress and possible ways to address stress. Congratulations to the authors.

Posted by ssjoshi on 05/26/2021 Reply to rpage

Hello Dean Page,

Thank you so much for visiting our poster, we appreciate it! We hope to be able to collaborate with Sara Holbrook on more projects in the near future as well!

Posted by nkrant on 05/26/2021

It sounds like many care-givers are under a significant of stress. It is great that the SHCC is helping both the kids that go to the center, as well as their families. The actionable solutions that you suggested seem like effective ways of alleviating some of the stress that caregivers face. Hopefully the solutions you came up with will reduce stress in the lives of these caregivers.

Posted by ssjoshi on 05/26/2021 Reply to nkrant

Hell Nick,

Thank you for visiting our poster today! It is incredible the way that Sara Holbrook has operated in the past and continues to operate, especially under the conditions of the pandemic. We hope that these actionable solutions will help provide some relief to the caregivers as you mentioned!

Posted by severse on 05/26/2021

Great job!! Love your actionable solutions and hope that they can be acted upon (especially like training babysitters as that will potentially get alot of people off screens!)!!