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Posted by anattres on 05/26/2021

I loved your poster, it is so visually appealing. Whoever color coordinated, please consider a side hustle in interior design or something. Okay, back on topic, you mention that transportation is a big limiting factor and I was wondering if you've thought of any ways to solve this problem. I.e. would certain insurances allow you to purchase bus/public transportation gift cards with HSA cards and/or factor in transportation costs into Medicaid patient funding? Maybe a check would be allotted for a patient prior to a procedure for travel? Or maybe you have these surveys as an incentive, if you complete them you get a monetized reward related to your health care?

Posted by staylor7 on 05/26/2021 Reply to anattres

Thanks Amanda, those would definitely be approaches that could work. We were thinking of bus passes or other forms of transportation access as compensation for the CHNA in the future. There have also been discussions about using insurance for food or other health purposes that might not canonically be thought of as billable items for health insurance but I think that expanding on what an HSA card could cover, or what a physician could 'prescribe' are great ideas to address this lapse.

Posted by jkcarney on 05/26/2021

Very creative approach to a challenging and enduring public health problem. I really liked your recommendations - thank you!

Posted by staylor7 on 05/26/2021 Reply to jkcarney

Thank you Dr. Carney!