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YujieZHANG(Carolina)’s listening report 09/20/2019 Talk about Video

By: yzhang10

Carolina’ listening report of a video which find in BBC website, and the name of the video is Arthur Conan Doyle: The Man Behind Sherlock Holmes. The date is Sep 20, 2019.


Senior Recital

By: eleisero

This is my senior recital video. I apologize for my horrible video editing.


Instructional Video

By: kbushwel

Instructional Video


PHYS021: Final Project: Video Data

By: jspiegle

A sample of video data of my contraption in motion. Due to poor lighting, as this was filmed at night, it will not be my final trial where I hit within 5 cm of 2 m, but I am at least demonstrating that my object is moving, and that I can record th...


Physics 021 Final Project Video Data Take 2

By: jegood

This is my final video trial for my Physics 021 Final project Video Data Take 2


MU 060 Scoring a rhythmic video, pt. 2

By: dfeurzei

Linking to video in Logic Pro


MU 060 Scoring a rhythmic video, pt. 3

By: dfeurzei

Synchronizing the tempo ruler to a video


Estimation Video lecture

By: 97dconne

Estimation Video lecture


Hypothesis Testing Video Lecture

By: 97dconne

Hypothesis Testing Video Lecture