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Observation Q Video Documentation

By: clhurley

This video shows children interacting with a variety of toy vehicles and tubes.


Vermont Food Venture Center - Video Tour

By: distance

A video tour of the Vermont Food Venture Center.


Video Project Group 10

By: dboccanf

How other social sciences study inequality.


Big Joe

By: bguitar

This is a video of a person who stutters. Please complete an SSI on him.


Live video from network IP camera via Wowza

By: waw

A quick look at the Wowza streaming server live video applications management tools


Video log3

By: cliu11

The video about TED show


Weekly Rites #7 - Zoey November

By: znovembe

This week, I decided to take inspiration from a new source - a chemistry lecture! I had a lot of fun with it. Sometimes I tried to express very literally what the lecturer was explaining, and other times I simply allowed the auditory input to info...