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Reducibility - Halting Problem, Empty language TM and Regular languageTM

By: rdasari

You have to watch the previous video on Undecidability to understand this This video is a supplement for students who are reading "Introduction To The Theory Of Computation" by Michael Sipser. I took the liberty of using the terminology from th...


Motor learning and video modeling study

By: lsavard

This video explains the study procedures for a motor learning and video modeling study


Conducting Final

By: eleisero

This is my conducting final video. I am doing Aria from the Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major by J.S. Bach, and arranged for voice by Malcolm V. Edwards.


PHYS021 Final Project Video Data

By: crcharla

1st trial video for final project


250Ethics lecture video

By: 97dconne

Research ethics video


Video log 1

By: xlin4

Face failure to succeed


Video Data

By: nprugar

Final Project: Video Data


HLTH 288 5 min video with Libby/Sally

By: shobart

Assignment for week 5, 5 minute video


Yoga Day Video

By: jroles

Yoga Day Video by Ulie Roles, Ali House, Laura Birdsall, and Sufi