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By: anbuchan

Lecture on end of postwar boom and its global consequences


HST67/ENVS167#8-1 Rise of China

By: anbuchan

Lecture on the end of the short American Century, globalization, and the rise of China.


Forest Tent Caterpillars Update

By: uvmext

It appears as though the recent widespread defoliation event related to forest tent caterpillar has ended. According to the Vermont Department of Forest Parks and Recreation, there have been no reports of defoliation attributed to this native inse...


July 15 (Video #13) Substrate Utilization and End Product Formation

By: tpritcha

substrate utilization and end product formation


HST67/ENVS167#7-2: Ecologies of Global Power (2)

By: anbuchan

Lecture on economic, military and environmental consequences of consolidation of US global hegemony post-WWII


Weekly Rite 2

By: semacdon

Making Space With windows that look out And force perspective in Something speaks of doubt In the places it grows thin It lingers long enough For something new to sprout, But never long enough To explain where it has been


Turning long diameter

By: fvilmont

Turning 6.00" long diameter down to .485"O.D.


Virtual Environments for Communicating Changing Forests

By: vmc

This was presented by Michael Mahoney as a part of a series of contributed talks from the 2022 FEMC Annual Conference. To learn more about the conference, visit: Forests are dynamic systems, ...


Weekly Rite 3 -- Hands

By: eseyler

Mowzer has become the Alfred Hitchcock of cats, making cameo appearances that invariably influence the entire flic. Here, I explore life from her perspective (and perch)...and begin dancing with my hands, something I've enjoyed through the years. ...