MMG195A Lecture 18 - Dyes, Stains, Antibodies, Fluorescent Proteins

By: msymeoni

Lecture 18 for MMG195A, Spring 2020 semester. By Dr. Menelaos Symeonides.


Assignment 2

By: bfgross

Universitas V Montis


What is Public Health?

By: snewman

Public Health Video Made by Sharon Newman


Baby's Meal

By: hmacinty

This is my Lumiere Brothers remake video. I did not have another person to make the video with me so I put a little twist on it and played both characters. I know this twist isn't a realistic representation of the editing capabilities of the time ...


Healthcare Delays during COVID-19 Oral Presentation

By: msalusti

This presentation outlines the preliminary data collected in the state of Vermont on community members perceptions on healthcare delays due to COVID-19.