Evaluating your Slides with the Microscope

By: tpritcha

This video shows how to evaluate your slides using the microscope.


Introduction to the Microscope

By: tpritcha

This is an introduction of the microscope.


Glucose Breakdown via Respiration

By: tpritcha

Schematic of glucose breakdown.



By: tpritcha

Discussion of Prohibition including organizations, WW I as well as the effect that income tax had.


Ancient Civilizations Through Monks

By: tpritcha

This takes us from Sumerians through contributions of the Austrian Monks,


The One About Water-Soluble Vitamins

By: efpope

Today we talk about the water-soluble vitamins, vitamins B and C! What makes them special, how are they helpful to our bodies, where can you find them? We talk it all through with some Beyoncé tie-ins in this video! Vitamin C -1:34 The B Vi...


The One About Fat Soluble Vitamins

By: efpope

In this video we talk about the fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K! Check out what makes each one special, and in what foods or other sources you can find them. Fat vs. Water Soluble Vitamins - 0:56 Vitamin Functions - 2:01 Vitamin A - 2:5...


Students Perspective of Water and Beer

By: tpritcha

This video is a review of a students perspective of water,mass produced cheap beers, microbrews and finally home brewing.