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Daniella Pedro- neuroscience behind the link between adversity and decreased educational success

By: dpedro

exploring the neuroscience behind the link between adversity and decreased educational success


HDFS 060 Episode 27 Families & Macrosystems

By: lshelton

Professor Shelton discusses changes in macrosystems and the processes of adaptation families experience when their macrosystems change or when they move from one macrosystem to another.


Herbicide and Conservation Agriculture #1: Glyphosate & Atrazine

By: kworkman

Dwight Lingenfelter, Penn State University Extension Weed scientist presents Glyphosate & Atrazine basics…how do they work, what are their benefits and risks, management factors to reduce risks to the environment and human health, considerations f...


Ellis Animal Communication Podcast

By: bcellis

Animal communication podcast, coral reefs noise pollution & climate change


Chandler Naomi Podcast: Coral Reefs

By: nachandl

Coral Reefs and Marine biologist Tim Gordon's experiments with audio restoration


Infant Microbiome: How Microbes Form Mutualistic Relationships with the Human Body

By: echynes

Scientific podcast for BCOR012 discussing the importance of the infant microbiome and the interaction between the bacteria and the host.


Sweet Georgia Bright

By: mffisher

In this video I play "Sweet Georgia Bright" by Charles Lloyd. I play the head, do 32 bars of improvised solo, 16 bars of chord comping, and return to the head.


Introducing the Undergraduate Writing Center!

By: sbolandc

A captioned video describing UVM's Undergraduate Writing Center. Learn about how working with a peer writing tutor can benefit all writers, at all stages, in all disciplines!