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EE001 Final Design Project Elizabeth Z 04.25.20

By: egzheng

EE001 Final Design Project - traffic light circuit


Physics 021 Catapult

By: ibefeler

This catapult was made for the final project for UVM's Physics 021 lab. This project was a collaboration between Izak Furey, Paige Berman and Ivy Befeler.


Opportunities Credit Union

By: hmkidder

Econ 11 video project group 25 Andrew Douglas Henry Kidder


Adapted Physical Activity Applied Final Project

By: jpowers2

This is my final project for my Adapted Physical Activity class.


Lumière Remake Project (Lily Whalen)

By: lwhalen

This is a remake of Lumière's film "The Sprinkler Sprinkled".


Applied Project

By: kmahone4

Applied Project for Susan Kasser's Adapted Physical Activity (EXMS 264) class.


EE 134 Final Project

By: sfought

A video describing my final project for EE134


Community Priorities Public Health Project

By: smuniz

This is a poster and recording of our public health project, in conjunction with the United Way of Northern Vermont, on community priorities in light of COVID 19.


MU 060 Logic Project 1: Magnetic Poetry

By: dfeurzei

Logic project #1 instructions