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Vacuum and Sap Minerals

By: uvmext

A modern maple operation relies on a tubing system with vacuum to maximize sap production. The innovation of plastic tubing originally came as a labor-saving device and not to increase sap yield from individual trees. As the materials used to prod...


Plenary & Discussion

By: vmc

Join Dr. Colin Beier and a panel of experts at the 2022 FEMC Annual Conference as they explore the intersection of innovation, technology, and stewardship. To learn more about the conference, visit:


Product video lecture

By: 97dconne

product video lecture 2023


CDAE 2680 Products part 2

By: 97dconne

CDAE 2680 Products video part 2


CDAE 2680 Products part 1

By: 97dconne

CDAE 2680 Products video lecture part 1


KM Panel Discussion February 2016

By: ctl

KM Panel Discussion February 2016 Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes faculty in each of the academic ranks who have demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching, ability to motivate and challenge students, and the capa...


Weeklyrites 10-In a Hurry

By: hchen6

Somehow it was challenge to make a extremely short one. I did it as my last weeklyrite.


Polasky, Stephen. "Meeting the Sustainable Development Challenge of Jointly Achieving Economic Growth and Improved Environmental Conditions". Marsh Professor. 25 October 2016.

By: presdent

Stephen Polasky is among the world’s leaders in combining ecology and economics to quantify the benefits of nature to human society. He has assessed the impact of biofuels on agricultural landscapes, climate change, and food prices, and he has p...


Risk Can Be a Positive Word

By: xzhang1

It is an extended definition speech about "risk".