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Final Lab Project Trial Video

By: mnachsin

This is a video of my trial for Lab phys 21.


Katelyn Key - Excel

By: nperdria

Katelyn Key final tutorial project for GEOL185 (Geocomputing)


Popeye Gopher Spinach but Modern

By: nrobins2

Popeye Gopher Spinach but with synth loops and trap beats instead of classical music. My Logic Project 3 for MU 060


Group Plantain: The Many Facets of Sweating

By: ampotts

Group Plantain's project recording on the subject of sweating


Intro to SL for NR206 students

By: smunkres

Introduction to Service-Learning for students in NR206, Summer 2020


Geology Seminar

By: jperdria

Julia Perdrial gives an overview on a newly funded project "Collaborative Research: Network Cluster: Using Big Data approaches to assess ecohydrological resilience across scales"


Dayna Ullathorne - GEOL185, QGis

By: nperdria

Dayna Ullathorne final tutorial project for GEOL185 (geocomputing)


Maple Syrup Quality in the Retail Marketplace 2022

By: 84ccoope

This presentation shares results from a research project that tested hundreds of online maple syrup purchases according to current quality and grading standards. Recorded 09/07/2022


Bryce Henson - GIMP QGIS geolocating

By: nperdria

Bryce Henson final tutorial project for GEOL185 (Geocomputing).