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Recorded Speaking Assignment: Study Spots Review

By: efrassin

Libby Frassinelli Lily Gums Madison Relyea Devon Leonard Lydia Reedy


Why study stress mechanics?

By: plintilh

Why stress mechanics?


Oaxaca Promotional Video

By: 92csicca

A promotional video for the UVM Oaxaca program.


Video Project Group 10

By: dboccanf

How other social sciences study inequality.


“HEDIS Annual Monitoring: a true measure of patient safety?”

By: jkwallac

Annual laboratory monitoring completion occurs more frequently among persons prescribed medications of interest with a diagnosis of hypertension and for those with a diagnosis of diabetes. Rates of high blood pressure and diabetes vary by state a...


report 3

By: xlin4

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on the happiness.


Leaning love is the key to gain success

By: xzhang1

Resources: Dan Gilbert: the surprising science of happiness Raymond Tang: Be humble — and other lessons from the philosophy of water


Exploring Majors & Minors

By: career

5 quick tips to help you explore Majors & Minors available at UVM.


Multi-criteria Decision Analysis

By: jmurdoch

This video covers an example of the use of multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to evaluate different decision alternatives related to sustainable forest management. The example comes from a study of forest management in Finland by Mustajoki et...