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Ayurveda: Group Hyssop

By: aberish

This project touches on the concepts of Ayurveda and how they connect to herbalism, plants, and modern day practices.


Creative Project #1 FTS 121

By: aescajah

"Create a photo or video portrait of yourself or a friend by recreating a moment in their day" highlighting a prominent color, and considering the signifier


Talks From the Tuna Tower: Illegal Fish

By: zisleib

Final project - podcast on all things illegal for fishing and trading, includes ecological impact.


Fishing For Goldfish - Sofia Sharp

By: sjsharp

This project is based on the film "Fishing For Goldfish," by the Lumiére Brothers. It first premiered in 1895.


Physics 021-Final project video Data

By: dlohese

Run a marble down the ramp with the goal of hitting two meters.


MU 06 Sibelius Project 2

By: dfeurzei

Sibelius skills, con tinted


Ryan Mistur - graphing and stats

By: nperdria

Ryan Mistur final project for GEOL185 - Geocomputing


PHYS021 Final Project New Video

By: ldwilkin

New video from better view of marble rolling down ramp 2m