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Maddy Zimmerman - QGis

By: nperdria

Maddy Zimmerman's final tutorial project for GEOL185 (Geocomputing)


Celiac Disease

By: mvoigt1

Mackenzie Voigt's term project on Celiac Disease


PHYS011Lab: Video

By: mmzielin

This is the video for the video analysis portion for the final project


Melting Migration: How reduced sea ice is starving polar bears during the summer

By: ewright6

Final podcast project for BIOL 195: Intro to Marine Science, Dr. May Collado


Brandon Kedik - JMP and Excel

By: nperdria

Brandon Kedik final tutorial project for GEOL185 (Geocomputing)


My Public Health Digital Story

By: cheath1

This is a project for the course Introduction to Public Health titled "My Digital Story"


Mark Hehlen - GIMP and ImageJ - Sea Ice image processing and analysis

By: nperdria

Tutorial to process and analyze landsat images using gimp and imageJ. (final project for GEOL185 - Geocomputing)


How the Star-Nosed Mole's Star Nose Really Works

By: ekgagne

Fall 2020 Mammalogy podcast project.


MU 060 Logic MIIDI sequencing (1 of 2)

By: dfeurzei

Introduction to MIDI seqeuncing project, reviewing the nature of MIDI and MIDI messages