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Fry cook's helper

By: cbcafier

Writing a program that gets numeric input from user, performs some computations, and displays result.


Career Boost Resumes & Cover Letters Workshop Jan. 2024

By: career

This workshop covers resumes and cover letters


Colin & Henrik for CSCrew, 2024-2025

By: hvantass

CSCrew Officer Election platform for Colin Menuchi and Henrik Van Tassell


Dravet Syndrome & Seizure Dogs

By: gconnair

Dravet Syndrome and Seizure dogs


Planon - Space Survey Part 2

By: mrichard

Planon Space and Occupancy Survey Part 2: Making changes on the survey form.


Dravet Syndrome and Seizure Dogs

By: gconnair

final project presentation


Finding an element within a sequence

By: cbcafier

Finding an element within a sequence using `in`, and finding the index of the first occurrence of an element in a sequence with `.index()`