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Live video from network IP camera via Wowza

By: waw

A quick look at the Wowza streaming server live video applications management tools


GRS001#25 Consumption, Climate Change and the Environment

By: anbuchan

First of two lectures on consumerism, globalization and climate change


Moving Johnson House at the University of Vermont

By: tvisser

In July 2005, the University of Vermont had its historic Johnson House moved across Main Street to make way for the construction of Dudley H. Davis Student Center in 2007. Originally built in 1806 at the corner of Main Street and University Place,...


Mayo Videos 1b

By: bguitar

dysarthria videos with video codec = H.264; audio codec = ACC


Mayo Videos MP4

By: bguitar

Another try at uploading the Mayo Videos


PHP Group 13: Attitudes Toward Informational Health Videos among People with Intellectual Disabilities

By: tharknes

Informational health videos targeted at people with intellectual disabilities were made and evaluated as part of a Public Health Project.


Recording and Sharing

By: 01pdiede

How to record and share videos in Adobe Connect


Dx Video 5-Wrap up

By: bguitar

Last in 5 dx videos


listening log3

By: zshen2

there are there videos about the listening logs