PHP Group 13: Attitudes Toward Informational Health Videos among People with Intellectual Disabilities

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Posted by rpage on 05/26/2021

Thank you for your focus on this special population and study of how to better provide healthcare information to those with ID. Congratulations to the authors.

Posted by scardozo on 05/26/2021 Reply to rpage

Thanks for visiting Dean Page. We enjoyed working together on this project and hope to continue our relationship with SOVT!

Posted by lhmoore on 05/26/2021

Thanks for doing this project! I think videos are a great way to communicate health information. It would also be interesting to see how SOVT participants under 18 would respond, as I assume there's probably a large group of younger individuals who could also benefit. Great work!!

Posted by scardozo on 05/26/2021 Reply to lhmoore

Hey there!

Definitely agree! There was a large part of the population we were not able to interview unfortunately, but if we were to extrapolate some of the trends we saw videos are probably very effective for even younger athletes.

Posted by ejzhang on 05/26/2021

Thanks for putting this project together -- I was wondering if you could provide a little more detail on the content of the videos (and pamphlets) that were distributed, and whether you think there's a limitation on what kind of information can be communicated through these avenues.