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Lotka-Volterra Competition

By: jmurdoch

Lotka-Volterra competition model


Doing Your Homework: Finding the Right Funding

By: ktoksu

Topics covered include: creating a funding "roadmap"; finding funding opportunities; analyzing a funding agency; assessing the competition; identifying emerging priorities or areas of interest; and when/how to approach a program officer.


Concerto Competition Audition 2021 - Chris Burgess

By: cburges1

My audition for the 2021 Concerto Competition, performing Shostakovich Concerto no. 2 2nd movement


HST67/ENVS167#8-3_Polarized Climates

By: anbuchan

Lecture on competition and collaboration in the polar regions.


vFECC 2021 September Coaches Meeting

By: tichitte

This is a recording of the 9/15/20 Optional Online Coaches meeting for the vFECC 2021.


SG-FECC Optional Coaches Meeting 1-4-21

By: tichitte

This is a 60 minute discussion going over the schedule, format and details of Round II of the 2021 SG-FECC.


vSG-FECC 2021 Advancing Teams

By: ndesmara

Schlesinger Global Family Enterprise Case Competition announcement on teams that will be advancing to the final round



By: waw

Four adventurers explore steep secret powder couloirs amongst the high peaks of Vermont's backcountry. Awarded Best in Show at 2021 UVM ski and ride video competition.