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Rex Yee Presentation

By: mpurvis

Rex Yee's presentation on "Global DNA Methylation in the Liver of Fisher Cats"


Working Cats

By: agray6

ASCI098 Final Project - Addie Gray


Weekly Rite 3 -- Hands

By: eseyler

Mowzer has become the Alfred Hitchcock of cats, making cameo appearances that invariably influence the entire flic. Here, I explore life from her perspective (and perch)...and begin dancing with my hands, something I've enjoyed through the years. ...


Cats Meow Audition Video

By: ssjones

Audition for the Cat's Meow! For more information make sure to follow us on Instagram @UVMCatsmeow for more updats.


relational categoricals PHIL013

By: mcweiner

A video about translating relational categoricals, sentences where one or more categories are joined by a relation, such as "Some people love all cats."