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Lab Safety Equipment

By: tpritcha

Video of lab safety equipment


PHP Group 7: Neighborhood and Safety

By: nfeinber

PHP Group 7's presentation on the perception of neighborhood and safety in the state of Vermont


Shop Safety Introduction

By: pdecause

A brief introduction to safety preparations before working in the Art Dept. Woodshop


Band saw safety and use

By: pdecause

Safety and various cutting operations on the bandsaw


Sander safety

By: pdecause

Safety and operation of various sanders


Inclusive Teaching: A Faculty Panel of Lessons Learned (January 2021)

By: ctl

Engage with a panel of faculty who have taken the Cornell Online Course on Inclusive Teaching Practices. They will discuss ways they implemented Inclusive Teaching practices into their courses during the pandemic. Practical ways to welcome all stu...


Compressed Gas Training: Airgas 1

By: safety

Airgas is the UVM compressed gas vendor. This training provides safety while handling compressed gas cylinders in the lab.


Table-Saw Safety

By: pdecause

A introduction to the table-saw and its safe operation.


Miter Saw Safety

By: pdecause

The miter saw and how to operate it.