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WeeklyRite 1 -- Animals

By: eseyler

When I began the video, I just wanted to dance on a soft surface! As I moved, the mat became a floating zoo or arc that I navigated as if I were exploring or trapped. Alligator, lizard, monkey, insect. I ran out of ideas and almost stopped at 7 mi...


CIS 096 SEC Cybersecurity Guidance

By: 01jpresc

SEC guidance on the disclosure of cyber incidents to the investing public and measures to be taken to safeguard investor data


CIS 096 CISA 2015

By: 01jpresc

CSA and CISA of 2015


CIS 096 Oregon Cybercrime Law

By: 01jpresc

Oregon cybercrime law, state prosecution of computer fraud


Welcome to Module 2

By: 92csicca

Welcome to the second module of the UVM Cannabis Science and Medicine certificate program.


Food Co-op Wk01 Video01 Section01 (Incorporation)

By: lwarren

Food Co-op Wk01 Video01 Section01 (Incorporation)