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Chinese Cyber Policy Lecture 1

By: 01jpresc

First Lecture on Chinese Cyber Policy


CIS 096 Other Statutes

By: 01jpresc

Other statutes relevant to cyber crime


CIS 096 Oregon Cybercrime Law

By: 01jpresc

Oregon cybercrime law, state prosecution of computer fraud


CIS 096 EEA and Wang Dong

By: 01jpresc

Economic Espionage Act, U.S. v. Wang Dong


CIS 096 Wire and Bank Fraud, Bogachev

By: 01jpresc

Wire and Bank Fraud, Bogachev


CIS 096 CISA 2015

By: 01jpresc

CSA and CISA of 2015


CIS 096 International Treaties and Regulations

By: 01jpresc

Convention on Cybercrime, EU Directives and Regulations


CIS 096 SEC Cybersecurity Guidance

By: 01jpresc

SEC guidance on the disclosure of cyber incidents to the investing public and measures to be taken to safeguard investor data


CIS 096 HIPAA, Caselaw and State Law

By: 01jpresc

Lecture addresses HIPAA, the Privacy Rule, civil and criminal caselaw, and a Florida Statute