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EE100 Lab 1 Video

By: obrandri

Instructional video on measuring voltage drop with a standard multimeter.


Cat’s Meow audition instructional video

By: mvoigt1

Our music director, Sadie demonstrating audition materials.


Instructional video

By: acuviell

Making an origami crane


instructional video

By: ecmcgurk

how to make mac and cheese


PSYS 001: Fall 2020 Introduction

By: lrudiger

Describes the instructional format for the course.


Weekly Rites #9 Briana Leger

By: bleger

Adventures in piano-ing part 2. I made this video pretty similar to my previous piano video: a clip of set rehearsed music, and some improvisation. I tried to be more lenient in my editing of the improvisation. In the first video, I was very wo...