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By: kwalkowi

Comment on Allison's video


What is Public Health?

By: ablackma

Annabella Blackman Public Video


remote teaching test video

By: dburns

Test video for remote teaching


3 Ways to Launch Video Meetings in MS Teams

By: sthennes

Quick demonstration of how to launch video meetings via the call, teams, and calendar buttons.


Prelab Video Diels Alder Chem 142

By: awurthma

Prelab video for the Diels Alder Experiment for Chem 142


Iodine and Quats Video

By: tpritcha

Iodine and Quats Video


Writing an Abstract in the Health Sciences

By: aloven

Part 1 of a 3-part series. This video is captioned and discusses writing an abstract in the health sciences. This video covers the basic structure of an abstract, what an abstract is, how much detail you should include, tools from the Writing Ce...


Writing an Abstract in the Health Sciences: Signal Moves (Pt 2)

By: aloven

This video is captioned. In Part Two of our three-part series,"Signal Moves," we discuss this tool for creating a research story. This video goes over what signal moves are, what kinds of writing they can be useful for, and additional resources.