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Food Labeling 3

By: nrose1

Chile's front of package warning labels


Food Labeling 4

By: nrose1

Food labeling video #4


Food Labeling 1

By: nrose1

Overview of food labeling


Food Labeling 1

By: nrose1

Food labeling overview


Keeping a Focus on Equity & Access webinar (audio only)

By: clherric

While farmers are shifting methods of sales and distribution, many are also continuing and developing practices that address community food access, broader food system justice goals, and other ways of addressing equity right at the farm level. Pl...


PHP: Winooski Food Shelf

By: bspano

Addressing food insecurity among Winooski New American communities and ways to help the Winooski Food Shelf improve its services to meet these communities' needs


Virtual Farm & Food Events Webinar

By: clherric

As Vermont farmers and food producers are adjusting to new ways of selling local product to customers, they are also seeking to create meaningful and fun interactions that support community and build relationships. Come learn from farmers, food p...


De-fogging the Eurocentric Lens: Okinawa and Gujarat Food Patterns; Part 2

By: jpashko

Each video provides a brief description of the cultural food practices of Gujarat, India and Okinawa, Japan. By the end of the videos, you'll have an increased understanding of traditional food patterns, dietary assessment of common foods, challen...