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Prelab Video Diels Alder Chem 142

By: awurthma

Prelab video for the Diels Alder Experiment for Chem 142


Organic Maple Syrup

By: uvmext

Certified organic maple syrup is produced by many Vermont maple producers and generally commands a higher price in the marketplace. In order to legally market your syrup as "organic" an approved third-party certifier such as Vermont Organic Farmer...


Starch Chemistry and Potatoes

By: atrubek

In this video, Dr. Almstead explains starch chemistry.


Dairy and Cheese Chemistry

By: atrubek

This is an overview of the basics of cheesemaking.


Introduction to Food Chemistry Part Two

By: atrubek

In this lecture, Dr. Almstead discusses water and proteins.


Introduction to Food Chemistry Part Three

By: atrubek

This final introductory video by Dr. Almstead will cover carbohydrates and lipids.


Groundbreaking STEM Rehersal

By: waw

Testing 3 2 1 BANG!