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Dairy and Cheese Chemistry

By: atrubek

This is an overview of the basics of cheesemaking.


How to UnBoil an Egg

By: atrubek

Learn how to unboil an egg!


Tips for Writing Prompts

By: atrubek

In this screencast, we provide tips for the process of reading and then writing the short response.


Proteins in the Context of Gluten

By: atrubek

Dr. Laura Almstead explores the structure and function of gluten.


Starch Chemistry and Potatoes

By: atrubek

In this video, Dr. Almstead explains starch chemistry.


Introduction to Hybrid Portion of BCF 53

By: atrubek

Here is a brief introduction to help you navigate the hybrid portion of NFS 53.


Introduction to Food Chemistry Part Three

By: atrubek

This final introductory video by Dr. Almstead will cover carbohydrates and lipids.


Introduction to Food Chemistry Part Two

By: atrubek

In this lecture, Dr. Almstead discusses water and proteins.