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The Skull Screencast

By: smccar12

Lecture on the skull.


The Orbit

By: smccar12

The Orbit Screencast


Reusing Master Content in LibGuides

By: gsherrif

A short screencast showing how to reuse master content in LibGuides.


CIS 096 HIPAA, Caselaw and State Law

By: 01jpresc

Lecture addresses HIPAA, the Privacy Rule, civil and criminal caselaw, and a Florida Statute


SGD 14: Life Below Water (Conserve Marine Ecosystems)

By: sdevoe

EPH 2 presentation on UN SDG 14: Life Below Water


Tips for Writing Prompts

By: atrubek

In this screencast, we provide tips for the process of reading and then writing the short response.


2017 Dengue Epidemic in Sri Lanka

By: sgogerly

The worst recorded outbreak of Dengue in the last decade occurred in 2017. This podcast presents interviews with the Director of the Dengue Control Program in Sri Lanka and a leading Pediatrician in a Postgraduate Teaching Hospital.


Nuo Cheng/Cassie's Video Log 2

By: ncheng1

Nuo Cheng/Cassie's Video Log 2


Russell, Zeena, Caswell, Joyce, Smestad

By: hrussel1

BSAD 015 Sustainability Initiative Video