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Welcome to Module 6

By: 92csicca

Welcome to Module 6 for the Cannabis Science and Medicine Certificate program at the University of Vermont.


Welcome to Module 7

By: 92csicca

Welcome to Module 7 of the Cannabis Science and Medicine Program.


Polasky, Stephen. "Meeting the Sustainable Development Challenge of Jointly Achieving Economic Growth and Improved Environmental Conditions". Marsh Professor. 25 October 2016.

By: presdent

Stephen Polasky is among the world’s leaders in combining ecology and economics to quantify the benefits of nature to human society. He has assessed the impact of biofuels on agricultural landscapes, climate change, and food prices, and he has p...


Test 3

By: wverreib

video lecture of xx and z


Introduction to Food Chemistry Part Three

By: atrubek

This final introductory video by Dr. Almstead will cover carbohydrates and lipids.


Introduction to Hybrid Portion of BCF 53

By: atrubek

Here is a brief introduction to help you navigate the hybrid portion of NFS 53.


Solow 1a

By: nmathieu

Dynamic of capital per effective worker.


Creating an Open Access Impact Within and Beyond the University

By: schwrks

A growing movement is using tools such as open access journals and repositories to transform scholarly communications on a global scale. Open access refers to literature and published research results that are made available online without access ...