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New Metropolis - Part 2

By: mcope

Part 2 of The New Metropolis -- building on the economic processes identified in part 1, what do these spaces look like in real cities?


Sophie Handloff- Core and Balance: Power

By: shandlof

Sophie Handloff- remote learning OPT lab #1



By: anbuchan

Lecture on industrial revolution and patterns of disease and population growth


Gentrification - Intro

By: mcope

Introduction to Gentrification, focus on Neil Smith's 1996 chapter in his book New Urban Frontier (ch. 3)


Gentrification - Part 2

By: mcope

Part 2 of the lecture, looking at the 'rent gap' and its importance and spatial implications.


Strength Hypertrophy-Resistance

By: jash2

Strength Hypertrophy-Resistance for EDPE 200 Class at UVM


Compost Innovation: Diversion Group B

By: scarlat

Here is the presentation from me (Sophia Carlat), Leany, Evie, and Althea!


An Online Conversation Series: Sourcing & Selling Vermont Food in the Time of Novel Coronavirus 19 (Audio only)

By: clherric

Join us online or by phone for a conversation with Zac Smith from UVM Extension Farm Viability to provide an overview of how to get started online, following up on his terrific conversation with the UVM Extension Ag. Engineering podcast. Having a...