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Electronic Grant Application Submission

By: ktoksu

OVPR Grant Proposal Manager Jeralyn Haraldsen, Ph.D., explains UVM’s electronic submission policy, as well as possible scenarios and tips on using ANY electronic submission system.


Antonio Bandera's interview: Morpho-syntax

By: garodrig

Antonio Bandera's interview: Morpho-syntax


Creative Project #1 FTS 121

By: aescajah

"Create a photo or video portrait of yourself or a friend by recreating a moment in their day" highlighting a prominent color, and considering the signifier


Leaning love is the key to gain success

By: xzhang1

Resources: Dan Gilbert: the surprising science of happiness Raymond Tang: Be humble — and other lessons from the philosophy of water


Eco Ball Press Release

By: tlkapp

Prof Stephenson Business Communications Press Release Video Assignment


FMS Final

By: acacciol

FMS final video. April 25th 2019


Public Health Video Project

By: lstigers

What is public health? What are its functions? How can you be a part of public health? Intended audience: 8th graders