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Adam, Jon, Jen, Lake S2016 Projection

By: dellis1

My Integrated Fine Arts class, Film Begets Film, has a tradition of creating an experimental projection on outdoor walls on campus. This year the class was introduced to a new software by John Forbes in Theatre. QLab allows the user to create mult...


ECON 011 Group 22

By: kpokorny

Katelyn Pokorny, Ray Curtis, Sierra Jones, and Coco Mengyao


Presentation Rehearsal

By: gzhu

Group presentation rehearsal for Ning and Richard


Win/win-group practice

By: nwei

It have definition of win/win and how to use win/win in our normal life


Career Introduction

By: career

This 8 minute video is a broad introduction to career resources at UVM. After watching, students will be able to: • Articulate what it means to be “Career-Ready” • Describe how the UVM Career Center can help you throughout your time...



By: lmkelleh

The Economics group innovation challenge proposal for a solid waste cap and trade.


Compost Innovation: Diversion Group B

By: scarlat

Here is the presentation from me (Sophia Carlat), Leany, Evie, and Althea!


Access to Health Care Information (Group 11)

By: sashort

Exploration of perception of health care information availability and quality.


PHP Group 13: Attitudes Toward Informational Health Videos among People with Intellectual Disabilities

By: tharknes

Informational health videos targeted at people with intellectual disabilities were made and evaluated as part of a Public Health Project.