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introduction to predicate proofs PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

A video introducing predicate proofs and the first two predicate proof rules, AO and EI.


truth table applications PHIL 013AB

By: mcweiner

An eleven-minute video on the things you can do with truth-tables. Covers tautology/contradiction/contingent, implication and equivalence, and argument validity.


PHYS021 Final Project Video Data

By: crcharla

1st trial video for final project


negation proof rules PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

A video on rules for proofs with complex negations, like ~(P & Q), ~(P v Q), and ~(P -> Q).


conditional truth table PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

A five-minute video explaining why the truth table for the conditional is the way it is.


conditional derivation proofs PHIL 013AB

By: mcweiner

A nine-minute video about conditional derivation, a new kind of rule. Listen closely for a special appearance from a duck. (Edited to add: the squeaking thing is actually a raccoon)