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University of Vermont MS in Dietetics Open House - October 12

By: dnotte

In this 1-hour live virtual open house, you will meet the UVM MSD Program Director and recent program graduates. Join us to learn about the MSD community focus on practice through the lens of a sustainable food system, graduate courses to fulfill ...


CALS Perspective Speech

By: mlavoie4

CALS Perspective Soeech


Perspectives Speech

By: smblair

Trying this again. Filmed 10/15/20


categorical translations PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

A video on the four basic forms of categorical translations: All, some, no, not all/some not.


complex categoricals

By: mcweiner

A video about translating categorical sentences that have complex subjects or predicates.


only and categorical compounds

By: mcweiner

A video on how to translate categorical statements with "only" in them, and compounds of categorical statements.