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Intro to Polarized light and Nomarski optics

By: plintilh

Introducing polarized light and Nomarski optics


HSCI-102 Public Health Digital Story - Chike Asanya

By: cjasanya

Digital story for Intro to Public Health


MU 060 Logic intro

By: dfeurzei

Overview of Logic Pro X


Career Introduction

By: career

This 8 minute video is a broad introduction to career resources at UVM. After watching, students will be able to: • Articulate what it means to be “Career-Ready” • Describe how the UVM Career Center can help you throughout your time...


Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Part 1: Intro

By: mmcdonal

Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Tour with George Conklin


060 lecture 5: waveform view and the amplitude envelope

By: dfeurzei

Waveform wiew, amplitude envelope, intro to Audacity


The One About Alcohol

By: efpope

Is alcohol a health food? What does it do to your brain and how do we metabolize it? Can you be as cool as Prof. Lizzy if you don't drink it? All of these questions and more answered during a round of Never Have I Ever. Intro - 0:21 Lizzy's...