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Quality part 2

By: tpritcha

Intro to equipment


Quality part 3

By: tpritcha

More on quality


Quality Part 4

By: tpritcha

Final Video on quality


GMPs Part 1

By: tpritcha

cGMPs defined and personnel


A Culinary Lens on Agritourism

By: rcbartle

Food is an ultimate connector and a big part of why we travel. We share stories, form relationships and build communities around the table, and through our culinary traditions. In this gathering, we will hear stories from around the world of the r...


PHP Group 13: Attitudes Toward Informational Health Videos among People with Intellectual Disabilities

By: tharknes

Informational health videos targeted at people with intellectual disabilities were made and evaluated as part of a Public Health Project.


Hops Part B

By: tpritcha

hops discussion