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HDFS 161 Episode 10 Developing White Identity

By: lshelton

Professor Shelton applies develecology to his own experience growing up in America, to illuminate the development and nature of white identity, and then to suggest approaches to understanding and reducing racism.


Group 10 Podcast - Infact Nutrition Myths

By: cdrane

In our podcast, we explore the prevalent fear-mongering that exists surrounding infant feeding practices. We investigate the ways marketing tactics capitalize on parental anxieties, pushing them toward an idealized, black-and-white perception of b...


Welcome from Nicole Carney

By: 92csicca

Welcome to the online course Clinical Leadership and Management.


Multi-criteria Decision Analysis

By: jmurdoch

This video covers an example of the use of multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to evaluate different decision alternatives related to sustainable forest management. The example comes from a study of forest management in Finland by Mustajoki et...


RSENR Fall Seminar Series: Dr. Mysha Clarke

By: krewcast

For the second installment of the 2020 RSENR Fall Seminar Series featuring early career researchers, Dr. Mysha Clarke gave a presentation entitled "Using protection motivation theory to understand invasive plant management on family forestlands".


Working Session: Assessing the Potential of a Management Toolbox for Northeastern Alpine Ecosystems

By: vmc

This was a working session led by Jordon Tourville as a part of the 2023 FEMC Annual Conference.


Climate-friendly Forest Management on AMC's Maine Woods Initiative

By: vmc

This was a contributed talk by David Publicover as a part of the 2023 FEMC Annual Conference.


Creating a Model for Fire Management Monitoring in Dry Oak Habitats

By: vmc

This was a contributed talk by Ryan Rebozo as a part of the 2023 FEMC Annual Conference.