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Object detail vs. acceptance angle

By: plintilh

The finer the spatial detail in an object the wider the diffraction angle - easily seen with a laser pointer and a fine grating.


End-of-life Choices in Vermont and Advanced Directives

By: 92csicca

Completing your advance care directive can be complicated. We’ll explore the values tool kit as well as various options available and will help you complete your advance directive. Class will include discussion about how to have “the conversat...


End-of-life Choices in Vermont

By: 92csicca

Discuss the continuum of care at end of life with a special focus on Act 39, Vermont’s Death with Dignity law. We will review other care options including unwanted medical treatment, inappropriate medical treatment, voluntary stopping of eating ...


Numerical aperture revisited

By: plintilh

N.A Plus immersion oil


Welcome To UVM 2016

By: smairold

Short video for Beth Wiser and Co.


Plant cells are different

By: plintilh

Cell biological background of plant cell wall structure and behavior.


Looking at pattern in plants

By: plintilh

The meaning of pattern.


Soap bubble shapes etc.

By: plintilh

What forces determine the shapes of plant cells


The Phragmoplast

By: plintilh

how the cell plate is formed.